Thursday, 6 July 2017

Unicorn rescued in Swanage Bay

The team were on exercise at Peveril Point tonight when something caught their attention.

The watch keepers at NCI also confirmed the sighting of yes - a unicorn !

Solent Coastguard were informed as it was seen heading out to sea and may have caused further emergency calls

So well done Doug from San Gina who set off in hot pursuit.

The unicorn was soon caught and brought ashore.

Enquiries are on going to how it was let loose.

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Claire moring said...

Hi. It belongs to my daughter! She only got it for her birthday on Monday and was devastated when it got swept away last night! The kind people of Swanage have been helping us reunite with Rainbow, and I'll be collecting her from Doug later today. I'm so sorry to have raised any concerns - it didn't even occur to me to let you know.....but I have learnt an important lesson. Another important we've learnt - Rainbow will be getting a halter and reins so that she cannot make bid for freedom again! It's easy to forget how dangerous these inflatable toys can be......

THANKYOU SO MUCH for all you do to keep people (and unicorns!) safe at sea. 🦄🦄🦄

Claire x