Sunday, 2 July 2017

Fallen Climber at the Western Mile Marker

The team have been out this afternoon attending to a climber near the Western Mile Marker who had fallen and landed awkwardly on rocks 4 metres below.

Along with our colleagues from St Albans, the team were just beginning to set up the rope rescue equipment when CG Helicopter 175 arrived and lowered its paramedic winchman to the casualty who had sustained an injury to his ankle.

The Wiltshire  Air Ambulance also attended along with a local ambulance crew but both were stood down when Rescue 175 winched up the injured man and flew him directly to Poole.

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Rob said...

I would like to thank all of those involved in rescuing me from the Promenade.

On Sunday we were on the second warm up route of the day 'Gangster Lean' and I was leading first, we had decided not to climb the adjacent route as an in-situ thread appeared to be in poor condition! It took me two attempts to get over the initial roof but I was comfortable with the climbing. The fall was the result of a hold breaking as I was pulling up slack rope to clip the third bolt, the slack and probably rope stretch was sufficient to allow me to lay down on the ledge next to the belayer. When I fell I initially landed on both feet then my right buttock and hands on what must have been a relatively flat piece of rock. Shocked by the impact of the fall I asked the climbers who were preparing to climb 'Benny' to get help, in the time between falling and being rescued I moved myself out of the sun but felt I needed experienced assistance to get to the top of the cliff as pain from my right heel was too much to allow me to use my foot. It was a great relief when the helicopter arrived and efficiently removed me from the ledge then en-route to Poole applied an awkward dressing to stop the bleeding from my right cheek! The ambulance and staff of Poole hospital were excellent and following X-rays a complex comminuted calcaneal fracture was diagnosed, hopefully surgery wont be required. Thanks again, Rob