Saturday, 29 July 2017

Carnival Week Under Way

The opening day to Swanage Carnival has seen heavy rain for most of the day which is a real shame after all the effort that goes in.

Fortunately it was still dry for the opening event, although by running in the sea, the participants probably didn't notice.

Starting from the Mowlem,  competitors had to run round the outside (sea side) of every groyne upto and including Groyne 18 at Sheps Hollow, before scrambling under a cargo net and running back again. It was arranged for the lowest tides of the week and so took place at 08.30am today.

This meant an earlier patrol than usual as the team headed up to Ballard Estate to get a view over the full course and to be on hand for any incidents that may have occurred.  Fortunately all went well and everyone got back to the finish ok, albeit with wet feet!

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