Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Team called to over loaded speedboat

The team were out driver training last night when they were tasked to meet both Swanage RNLI Lifeboats.

Both lifeboats were tasked to assist 14 people in a speed boat off Ballard.

None were wearing lifejackets in an overcrowded speedboat trying to get back to Poole.

The lifeboat brought the 14 back to Swanage to the waiting Coastguard team , but despite efforts none of the 14 wanted to engage in any conversation or listen to any safety advice.

In this hot weather our advice is

Don't put yourself or others at risk - wear lifejackets

Know how to contact the Coastguard in an emergency - 999 or via VHF Ch 16.

Don't mix boating and alcohol.

Never overload your boat.

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Geogmemos said...

This sounds like a speedboat seen in Swanage on at least two consecutive night guys last week collecting friends and carrying cans of drink in their hands. I was concerned by - drinking on the boat, unaware of how to securely tie up their boat, using other businesses tethered landing stage with no responsibility taken. It seems a waste of emergency services time and effort when such people need help in the first place and then disregard any advice as they see no problem with others helping them out.