Saturday, 10 June 2017

Fish Festival and a couple of incidents

So the team headed off to Prince Albert Gardens today for the Fish Festival and meet the public.

Meanwhile in the bay the National Paddleboarding Championships were taking place.

Just before 5pm the team were made aware of a possible safety issue at the boat park concerning a 25ft motor boat. On arrival a boat was found to be going round in circles but managed to get along the slipway.

One of the Coastguard functions is to offer advice and in this case some strong word of advice about the craft and more importantly safety equipment were given.

Returning to PAG, the team were made aware of two over due walkers and were tasked to meet Police for further details. Having establish the two set off from Lulworth this morning at 8.45, they hoped to have arrived in Swanage by 16.00. With two hours gone past and many attempts to call on a mobile the emergency services were contacted.

The full team were tasked along with Lulworth Coastguard to start searching. Five minutes into the search a Coastguard search team located the pair near to the Castle. Both were fine and had taken a different route than planned which took longer than expected.

This incident was very close to the training exercise carried out by the team this week!!

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