Monday, 11 July 2016

Team tasked to persons cut off by the tide

Hours after our warning of being cut off by the tide, the team were pages to investigate a possible person stuck at the North end of the bay.

Just before 11pm a 999 was received by a member of the public at Sheps Hollow concerned for a person under Ballard. The person could see a fire and the tide was up to the small landslip.

The team deployed and confirmed there was someone at the location and set off to check their welfare.
As the team kitted up in their water rescue equipment 3 people were spotted walking close under the cliff line back towards Sheps Hollow.

The team escorted the 3 around the Landslip and confirmed they were safe , they had been waiting for the tide to drop before making their way back.

Thankfully someone took the time to report this incident and although everyone was safe the incident could have turned out very differently.

Always check the tide and weather

999 Coastguard

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