Tuesday, 5 July 2016


It's strange how we seem to go through a 'run' of similar jobs.  A few months ago we were undertaking a few searches, but now it appears to be ordnance season with the team being tasked following the discovery of an intact shell at Studland this afternoon.
The Navy EOD team were already in Dorset from an earlier incident, and didn't take long to reach the scene, thanks in part to the police 4-wheel-drive 'Rhino' which makes light work of ferrying personnel and equipment across the beach and through the dunes.
As it wasn't clear whether the shell had previously denotated, the decision was made to destroy it on scene and the coastguard team, assisted by police and National Trust staff cleared an area of beach and maintained a safe cordon.
A few minutes and one loud boom later, the item was made safe and the beach reopened to the public.

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