Sunday, 24 July 2016

Diving Pains

The team have been dealing with a young diver today after he experienced severe head pains after surfacing.

Having just ordered a round of teas at the Seagull cafe following an early morning cliff training session, the team noticed the young lad in considerable difficulty across the road by the water's edge.

The dive instructor was already calling for an ambulance so, conversing  through the National Maritime Operations Centre  (NMOC), the team liaised with the duty doctor at the decompression chamber in Poole, exchanging details of the pains and symptoms for medical advice.  

Based on the depth of the dive, it was felt that a painful squeeze related to difficulties with equalising was probably to blame rather than anything related to decompression. When the ambulance arrived, the team handed over to paramedics who, after a thorough check over took the boy, who had by now calmed down considerably, to Poole hospital as a precaution.

Before the ambulance left, the team checked the welfare of both the boy's father and the diving instructor and once satisfied, stood down and returned to the cafe for a well deserved cup of tea.

#always on call

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