Saturday, 4 July 2015

Multi agency rescue at St Albans Head.

The Swanage Team were tasked to back up the St Albans team at Emmitts Hill after a male became trapped under a boulder.

The male had been walking along the cliff when the boulder moved trapping the male by his legs.

The St Albans Coastguard were tasked backed up by the Swanage team just after 19.30. Rescue 106 arrived and started to search for the male , shortly joined by Dorset Fire and Rescue , which included their specialist rope rescue team.

Photos: C Dragatis - Swanage CG Team

Photo: Swanage CG Team

Fire Officers were flown down to the trapped male along with paramedics from South Western Ambulance. The Kimmeridge Coastguard were tasked to provide further support at the location.

Thankfully the male was released by the team at the base of the cliffs and airlifted to Dorchester County Hospital. This then required 9 rescue personnel to be recovered from the base of the cliff and the Coastguard teams went into action.

Rescue 104 was tasked to assist in the recovery of the personnel however a major thunderstorm hit the area and in horrendous conditions the rescuers were recovered with their equipment.

The teams all returned with equipment and rescuers very wet just before 1am.

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Dave James said...

Amazing work guys, I was there watching with appreciation for about an hour. Really so good to know you are there when we get ourselves into difficulty, as I'm sure the gentleman and his friend where. How on earth did you manage to free him from such large boulders???
Many thanks again and upmost respect to you as all the emergency services involved.