Saturday, 25 July 2015

Carnival begins

Long day for the team starting with a military parade.

Coastguard providing safety cover to the rear of the parade.

A fair amount of tea was drank whilst the team waited for the 1st incident based in the forward operating base.

The 1st incident was a yacht collision in Studland and the team called to locate the owners.

We worked closely with the police today , another incident which Coastguard and Police attended was when the team observed a speed boat close inshore to the quay at high speed and turning dangerous.
Speaking to the persons on board they claimed they had a medical emergency but declined both a lifeboat or ambulance.

Strong words of advice were given due to the risk to swimmers and had they had an emergency perhaps calling for assistance would have been better.

Finally the fireworks before returning to the station at 22.30

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