Sunday, 8 March 2015

Terry's Man Cave

The Coastguard Station hosepipe and the electricity reel both went missing the other day and we've been trying to figure out where they went. Given we are a trained Search Team it shouldn't be too difficult.

Had they been stolen? - probably not.

Had they been lost? - probably not.

Had a member of the team borrowed them ? - No they would have said (unless that is they were undertaking very special top secret project - such a secret project that they wouldn't even tell the team about - the most secret thing ever).

Anyway, after many texts and an hours' wait the culprit finally 'coughed'.

It was none other than Coastguard of the year - ten year old Terry Edmunds - seen here with Ben Fogle.

Apparently he had needed the hosepipe to swish out his back yard as part of 'Operation Man Cave'.

Yes Terry has spent the weekend creating a Man Cave! 

man cave[1][2] or manspace,[3] is a male sanctuary,[4] such as a specially equipped garage,[5] spare bedroom,[4] media room,[6] den,[7] or basement.[7][8] It is a metaphor describing a room inside the house[9] where "guys can do as they please" without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house decor or design.[10] Paula Aymer of Tufts University calls it the "last bastion of masculinity".[10]
While a wife may have substantial authority over a whole house in terms of design and decoration, she generally has no say about what gets "mounted on the walls" of a man's personal space.[10] Since it may be accepted that a woman has input on the decoration of the rest of the house, a man cave or man space is in some sense a reaction to feminine domestic power.[10]

Chez Edmunds - MAN CAVE! (love the pansies)

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