Friday, 27 March 2015

Smile - You're on Camera!

We've had some media students from Bournemouth University following us around recently as they make a film about the Coastguard Rescue Service.
On Thursday night, they came to Kit Night and tried to speak to some of the team, but Roger got in there first and grabbed the limelight. Not sure his song and dance number will make the final cut.
First off, Roger is wired for sound and has his make up adjusted.....

Then, he's the star turn as he does his piece to camera.

Our Mascot, Terence Edmunds aged 12, hoped that his hero would turn up for the filming like last time, but having ended up in the cutting room floor on that occasion, we're now more choosy who we film with.  Still, we're always glad of an excuse to show you this photo again.
Ben Fogle, Terence Edmunds (aged 12) and a photo bombing Sector Manager.  None appear in the latest film.

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