Saturday, 21 March 2015

Serious incidents with super low tide

With one of the lowest tides of the year the Swanage Coastguard team were tasked just after 5pm to a person stuck in mud on the shores of Poole Harbour.

A bait digger called 999 reporting he was stuck in the mud at Jerry's Point near the chain ferry.

The Poole Coastguard team were tasked being the area's mud rescue team along with the Swanage team. On route the Poole team were diverted to another person stuck in the mud in Poole so assistance was requested from colleagues from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.

The Swanage team arrived and deployed their water rescue equipment however due to the thick mud where unable to get near to the trapped male.

Swanage HM Coastguard Water Rescue Technicians on scene 

With the tide coming back in, and the light fading the team requested the Poole RNLI Lifeboats to standby.

The Fire Service arrived assisted by Swanage Fire Crews and deployed their team using inflatable rafts. The trapped male was soon released from the mud and brought ashore , cold and wet as the tide had come in. The male was checked by Ambulance and released shortly afterwards.

Water Rescue Technician ready to deploy


Dorset Fire and Rescue ready an Inflatable Pontoon

Dorset Fire and Rescue make their way out to the HM Coastguard Team

Photos: Chris Dragatis - Swanage HM Coastguard

Whilst the trapped male was being brought ashore the Swanage team were made aware of a further incident of four persons being cut off by the tide near Swanage.

Part of the team immediately deployed to search, backed up by the Poole Coastguard Team who had come over on the Ferry.

Both Swanage RNLI Lifeboats were launched to search and were joined by both Poole RNLI lifeboats searching from Poole to Durlston Head.

Thankfully one of the Swanage Lifeboats spotted the four people stuck on the landslip near to Old Harry having walked there at the very low tide.

With all persons accounted for, both Coastguard teams, all 4 lifeboats, Dorset Fire and Rescue and South Western Ambulance returned to station.

Tonight people are posting photos of the low tides on social media, we remind people to take care and not put themselves or others at risk.

A similar tide is expected tomorrow and it is not advisable to walk to Old Harry.

In a coastal emergency dial 999 and ask for Coastguard.

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