Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tombstoning, health and safety gone mad ?

The patrol was out and about on a busy day when they get told by a member of the public they were concerned for some children jumping off off the pier.

This type of report is taken seriously as the risk of injury is high.

The patrol were joined by a beach warden and the gate keeper of the pier and advice was given to the children. The pier have now taken action further by banning this type of activity and will strictly enforce it.

Shortly after we became aware of a raised voice at the gate of the pier and found a male shouting at the pier volunteer for spoiling the fun of some children. We went across to explain to the angry male that it was not health and safety gone mad it was a worrying trend and people like Nick pictured above have been left paralysed.

He then decided to vent his anger towards us, trying to remind Gareth and I that we clearly never had a childhood and never did dangerous things. Sensing this male had perhaps had too much sun we decided that he wasn't going to listen and agreed to disagree with his opinion.

We are never going to please everyone however the volunteer team members will continue to support the campaign to reduce injuries when Tombstoning.

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