Friday, 19 July 2013

Jazz Scandal

Turns out the boss has been moonlighting just recently.  Yup, he's gone to the dark side.....Jazz, and here he is leading the parade at last week's Swanage Jazz Festival, accompanied by the Mayor - or is it Mayoress, Ali?  Not sure, sorry.   Oh no, Roger's the Mayoress.  Oh. never mind.

Anyway, the point is, there's the boss, donning his uniform in order to blend in with the Dave Brennan Jazz Band leading the disturbance.  Pity he forgot his cap and tie - the chap with the saxophone has got his on.  Sadly, Ian's upset the chap on the far left as well by the looks of things.

All of this gory detail was captured in this week's Advertiser, and you can get your own cut out and keep souvenir copy of the photo by going to Page 3 - yes, he's made Page 3 - and tearing it up out.

It all adds up now.  Remember that time when he was spotted playing in the band at the Swanage Carnival?  (you'll have to scroll to the very bottom)

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