Monday, 8 July 2013

Lost Children

Its a parents worse nightmare.......losing your child on a crowded beach.

This weekend saw a record number of calls to the emergency services reporting lost children on the beaches of Dorset.

Thankfully most were resolved within minutes however the longest was over an hour.

Please monitor your children at all times, When you arrive talk to them about where you are and establish a landmark for them and you.
Check them regularly and use a waterproof wrist band with contact details on it for you.

Explain to your children the dangers of the beach especially the water. Children are often attracted to places like amusement arcades or attractions, set out the rules and always accompany them.

Check the locations of the beach wardens and lifeguards, this is your first point of contact should you lose your child.

Enjoy your visit to the beach and don't forget to apply lots of sun cream to you and your family. Drink plenty (not alcohol !) and respect the users of the beach around you.

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