Friday, 30 November 2012

Ticking Along

Although the blog has been a bit quiet this week, things are ticking along still behind the scenes.

Austen arrived back last Friday, and it took him only a few hours to get to the station to see what we've been up to in his absence.  I think he approved, so we must be doing something right.

Gareth has been running a DVD sale with the most eclectic mix of titles you can imagine - business has been slow to start with but the boss hopes to publicise the sale on this site soon.

We had kit night on Tuesday, our monthly check of all our equipment and a chance to drink tea and eat biscuits.  And Quality Street.  And Jaffa cakes. 

Some of the lifejackets have gone off for a service - they don't all go away together as that would leave us with, er, none to use!

Oooh, and its the Christmas Meal tomorrow night and the presentation of the Coastguard of the Year award.  Lets hope they don't run out of beer like they did two years ago.  Then again, for a restaurant to stock only six bottles of Peroni when you have a table for 20 booked is always a risky strategy.  Seriously, its true; ask Gareth - he had three, I had the others.

Beer? Don't mind if I do. Quick then before the rest arrive, or they'll all want one.....

Disclaimer: Other beers are available, although sadly on the night in question, they weren't.

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John B said...

Hopefully there will be more than 6 bottles of beer each this year!!! (not 6 to share) or wine.