Saturday, 24 November 2012

Slipwatch - A Wet Update

The boss is away this weekend, so I thought I'd continue the SlipWatch feature in his absence. (I'm told he's definitely not at a model railway exhibition).

The weather in Swanage today is hideous. Its blowing hard, with heavy driving rain and its just the sort of weather that's likely to unsettle the cliff.  The IRT has just undertaken a patrol of the local area to check on flooding and other risks, and quite frankly, it isn't the sort of weather to be out and about.

But, I know how much this feature is valued, and so donning full wet weather protection and braving the elements I wandered out along the beach to record the latest developments.  I'm pleased I did, what do you think?
You can see the concrete slab still in place above the left hut, but more mud has fallen down since last time.

Further rain is predicted throughout the night and into tomorrow.   If you are out and about please check local weather forecasts, tide times and flood warnings and stay safe.

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Coastguard Oscar said...

Nice to see you're not mocking Ian's little feature.