Saturday, 17 November 2012


Remember BBC's Saturday morning show, 'Swapshop' with Noel Edmonds?!

This afternoon I text messaged the Coastguard team to offer a cream leather armchair (good condition) and matching poofe. Free.

I then get a series of helpful and somewhat random messages sent back. I didn't realise I'd started a Swapshop!

Chris:- No, but do you have a tumble dryer?

Ian:- Yes but not the poofe.

Ian:- No actually just teasing but I want to get rid of a computer monitor and speakers. 

Brian:- Are we patrolling this afternoon or delivering furniture?

Ian:- If Chris takes the wife and kids I'll buy him the tumble dryer.

Brian:- I have a new phone which is 2 complicated.

Roger: I've filled the fridge full of chocolate and drinks - but the crisps are in the cupboard?!

So it appears that we have a armchair, computer monitor and speakers, three kids and a wife to give away. But we need a tumble dryer.

Meanwhile Brian has a new phone which he can't work, and there is a fridge full of chocolate.


Swanage Coastguard said...

Brian and his 4am this morning, it's ringing but we don't know how to answer it. Then when stood down its how do you add contacts? I don't know.....20 phone calls later to random people, we still haven't worked out how to add phone numbers - go back to your old phone it was so much easier.

John B said...

Maybe if you sat next to the fridge & had some of the snakes it might refresh the little grey cells, then try working the phone again. If no luck go back to the fridge!!