Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's a Small World. Or Medium. Or Large. Or Extra Large

Occasional Blog's blogs have become even more occasional recently - partly because I'm away with work at the moment helping British companies sell their goods and services overseas. Well, only partly.

Regular readers will have read about our uniform orders in the past. Well, by chance, here with me in Saudi Arabia at the moment is the MD of the company that supplies our uniform, Miller Rayner Ltd of Southampton, busy pursuing export opportunities in the ports and maritime world.

We held a smart reception last night for the British companies on the mission so I decided to wear my Miller Rayner Coastguard tie to promote both the company itself and HM Coastguard Service - I knew it would come in useful one day.

Oh, and another thing....turns out Rob doesn't just make quality clothing for the discerning Coastguard Rescue Officer, he's also a volunteer on the Freshwater Lifeboat crew. Top bloke! Have to do a blog on that one day and add them to our links page (...already done).

In other news, its about 26C here in Jeddah; what's it like back home?

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Swanage Coastguard said...

Glad to hear you are safe and well, shame its a bit hot. Right team, clothing order to me by Tuesday so we can all have jackets etc (well all but Roger who has that really new and posh set of foul weather kit, he can't have anything else this year ! Always good to have connection and occasional blogger has friends in high places!!