Thursday, 16 February 2012

Falling Dogs Rising

The BBC Website is running a piece this morning about the numbers of dogs falling off cliffs. The safety message we keep repeating on here and elsewhere jsut doesn't seem to be getting through.
It reports that within Dorset there have been 15 dog falls in the last 6 months, and nationally already 17 in 2012!

It is believed that dogs' vision works differently to ours, so they won't necessarily see that there is a drop of 100 feet or so between the edge of the cliff and the sea. It is thought that they see it seamlessly merging into one, hence they don't stop when they run near the edge.

Whatever the theory, the practical aspects are simple: Keep your dog on a lead when at or near the cliff edge.

In other news, I've got some screenwash which has been unexpectedly returned to me, so if anyone wants some let me know. Slight indentation in the side of the bottle but otherwise as good as new......

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