Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Training at minus 1.5

Just returned from training in Days Park with a temperature of -1.5 (sorry to teams north of Watford, who normally operate in these conditions unlike us Southern softies.)

It took a few minutes for the team to realise we were actually going out in February and that it was dark ! Having explained that's what those nice glow in the dark jackets are for, 12 grumpy CRO's jumped into action.

Stage 3 of the cliff training - Set up and recovery using the winch and tugger (tugger being a pulley system to recover someone over the cliff instead of the winch)

Back to the station to clean down, thaw out and discover 12 people in the training room really don't fit in.

Roger made the drinks and Lee washed up so the trainees are fitting in very well.

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