Saturday, 26 November 2011

New York Cheesecake.

The team was this evening tasked to Peveril Point to investigate an object that had washed up. The object turned out to be a berthing hawser from a large vessel. (A big rope- 5 inch diameter about 50m in length).  Given the spring tides it was likely that this might refloat and become a hazard to shipping. On this basis it was secured until morning when a better assessment can be undertaken.

A Slice of the Action.

On the way back to the station Brian said he was looking forward to his tea . Tonight Brian is having a curry, with naan and two side dishes – bombay potato and sag alloo. He had also 'rescued' a New York Cheesecake which was on special for his afters. He will then watch Strictly Come Dancing, but not X Factor.

..and A Slice of Cheesecake.
**18:34 - Looks like Brian's Tea is on hold as we have had a full team page to search for a missing person. 

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