Sunday, 7 November 2010

Uniform - No 1's

On the theme of uniforms, these jackets (and hats) are for "posh " or special events, like remembrance parades. Long ago Coastguard Officers wore these jackets all the time and I've seen officers standing in the water wearing them!

Rank insignia is put on the sleeves, medals on left (although in the above picture John has medals on the right which are his families medals)


David Willey said...

The cap badges with the wreath used to be just for officers, now I see all ranks wearing them (where other ranks used to have a badge without the wreath). When did the Coastguard lose this distinction between officers and ORs?
The rank insignia for Station Officer and deputy station officer is different to anything worn by the full-time Coastguards and the Royal Navy. Would it not be better to have Station Officers wear the same gold rank stripe as a full-time watch officer (and DSO the same at Watch Assistant) to show parity with the full-time service? Sector managers already wear the same two stripes as Watch Managers.

Anonymous said...

oh dear i feel old! i'm now 64 and was brought up on coastguard stations. my dad joined HM Coastguard in 1953 and was there until his early and untimely death in 1968 when i was 16. so, i remember the uniforms and the Coastguard Stations - after all i lived on enough of them!!!

Burghead in Morayshire Prawle point in Devon, Totland Nay on the Isle of Wight, Cockburmspath in Berwickshire - dad was a coastguard, been to all the lookouts except the Isle of Wight - MOD property!! then Bangor N Ireland as station officer and same station, other end as District officer co down.i was told after he died, he was expected to become Inspector, first person to go to that rank from Coastguard rather than straight out of the RN. mind he had served in the RN from 1926 to 1953!!! good days though!