Friday, 19 November 2010

Strictly Come Coastguard

Our Sector Manager, Rob, came down last night with lots of new kit and to provide some training. Ooooh new kit, always smells good.

We learnt to Huddle, ….yup Huddling. It’s when three grown men put their arms around each other and wade into water to save someone. Whilst it looks a little odd it gives stability in swift water conditions.

It was a bit like Strictly Come Dancing, three men spinning around like a bunch of ballroom dancers. I for one will not be voting for Austen. In reply Aus said he’d look good in a ballroom dress, I have no reason to doubt this and no reason to want to see him in one either.

Craig Revels-Dogwood “Delightful darling, delightful”

Len Goodspin: Very Good technically, but wishy washy footwork

Alyssa: I liked it.

Bruno Tombola: Oooh Austen, you hot dog you.

The Judges’ Scores are in….

4 6 7 ....SEVEN!

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