Thursday, 8 January 2009

Station Update

As Deputy blog said on Tuesday we had a site visit.......the building is coming on but its going to be tight.

The major problem is this, Southern Electric are due to put the cable in on Monday (the 12th?) they connect one end up but not the end into the building! On the 20th (yes the 20th that's 8 days later) another person returns to connect the other end up to the meters etc.
Only then can the full electrical tests and finishing bits and pieces be done, that can be 2 weeks, so that's the 4th of February with the official opening on the 6th!

Other work is going at a pace, outside the ground workers are finishing the path at the front and the ramps into the garage. Front door to be painted and a letter box to be added. New signs to be put up. The Garage, sink in, work bench and coat hooks to go up.
Shower (you have seen the base!). Toilet.....waiting for the throne to be installed. Office, painted, Training Room , painted kitchen, cupboards going up.

Still a bit to do, just wish Southern Electric got a move on

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