Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Training Pizza

….what’s this got to do about pizza? I’ll explain.

We Coastguards undergo a lot of training!

As a Cliff and Search team we train under two main headings, strangely enough cliff and search techniques. Within each of these groups are 30 or so sub-groups or competencies that need to be learnt and then properly demonstrated in order to be signed off as proficient. Examples include the obvious ones:

First Aid, Ropes and Knots, Radio use

And less obvious ones :

Flares and Pyrotechnics, Helicopter Operations and Making Tea (Although as a Probationary Officer I reckon that this is just a made up one)

Sounds relatively simple? Well we have one or two 2 hour training sessions a month and so training is intense and realistic. (See flares and pyrotechnics training tomorrow!)

In order to make this amount of training more manageable it is broken down into different slices …a bit like a pizza ….every training session is varied with different learning objectives or topping, sorry topics being taught……again a bit like a pizza.

…and who better to deliver this training than our very own Pizza Delivery Chap – Station Officer Ian Brown.

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wizard of oz said...

I wish Pizza Boy would hurry up i have been waiting half hour to long .he is not getting a tip.hahaha