Wednesday, 22 October 2008

French People

On their way back to the station after the dramatic rescue of 5 balloons your Coastguard Team found some people walking on the cliffs in the dark. Nothing wrong with this but it was pretty slippy and some words of safety advice where offered. The walkers shrugged their shoulders…which obviously meant they were French; again nothing wrong with this.

Now Austen Rockett jumps over cliffs in the dark to save people, (with a rope!) so has absolutely no fear. He decided to tackle the situation straight on by trying out his French:-

“Je devrais aimer un chat de chocolat”
I should like a chocolate cat.

“Mon crossiant est coincé vers le haut d'un arbre”
My crossiant is stuck up a tree.

“Monsieur, votre pantalon sont sur le feu”
Sir, your trousers are on fire.

Luckily Tom Simmons had a far better command of this fine language.

“Veuillez faire attention les falaises sont très ‘slippy’. Veuillez le noter sera bientôt foncé”!
Please be careful the cliffs are very slippy; please be advised it will soon be dark

‘WOW! Did you learn that at school?’ Austen asked.
‘Nope’ said Tom, ‘I picked it up on my trip to the Moulin Rouge last year.’

What a team!

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