Thursday, 30 October 2008


Sorry for the lack of blogs, but Austen and I have been away at the National Coastguard Conference in Chester.

Now Chester may seem a strange location to hold a conference for the Coastguard, but remember colleagues from Scotland also attended and it took them 2 days to get there!

Food was excellent, shame the plates were too small for some.

It started snowing, so we had to pop out and have a play in it, sadly not enough for a snowman.

So what did we spend 3 days doing......well hearing from the chief, how the RNLI run their volunteers, Ambulance, Fire and Police input, nice dinner.

Talks from others in the department of transport, Olympic stuff, Irish Coastguard, fishing industry, Port of London, Coastguard Tugs and then a posh dinner.

Finally a talk about the media, salvors, Shipping policy and then a final talk from the chief again. In between lots of coffee, chance to meeting Coastguards from all around the country sadly not enough time to sit and watch the biggest TV I have ever seen in a hotel room!

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Look at the speed of his eating!