Friday, 26 September 2008

Passing Out

Richard Curtis, known to the team as "RID"...has just completed his probationary year.

I sit down and discuss with a few of the senior members of the team his work and if there has been any problems etc.

Credit to him, not many his age would be interested in giving up their time and carry out duties.

So I sent the email off to the Sector Manager to confirm I was happy.

Sadly having sent the email a situation involving Rid, saw the number plate of the vehicle fall off and then as we started training the other night, "the gate fell off in his hands"

Sorry the photo is blurred, I was laughing so much I got the shakes.

Well Rid if there is any comfort to this weeks events.......18 years ago I did the same things and now I run the place!

Well done and welcome to the team.

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