Thursday, 18 September 2008

Co-Responder Training

Tonight saw one of our resident paramedics providing further training for the team, prior to our co-responder assessments early in October.

Reader: Remind me what’s a Co-responder? Well as a Coastguard Team we will work closely with South Western Ambulance Trust and co-respond to ambulance requests for assistance. The key term is assistance as we will not be replacing them!

After a refresher on basic resuscitation and use of a defibrillator we moved on to first aid and the use of ‘steri-strips’ for dressing wounds. As always we all take a turn as casualty; last time bandaging Gareth’s eyes….yes thanks chaps.

Well tonight Ian acted as a casualty who had accidently crashed his scooter into an ice cream van and cut his nose. So…….. out came the ‘steri-strips’.

Little did he know that in the background Deputy Blog was getting his revenge!

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