Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Pagers

We used to use maroons to signal the team. Basically a pyrotechnic (firework) that makes a great big bang and can be heard for miles!

For the last few years we have been using these Vodafone pagers to alert us of an incident. These pagers work off an individual number to set them off, like calling a mobile phone.

Sadly over the years we have had problems with "Ghost" alerts which at 2.00am in the morning had caused many a dispute with the family!

So we are going back to Channel Zero pagers, these operate by Portland Coastguard sending "a tone" over our radio frequency (known as channel zero) and this will set the pagers off (we hope!)

With all pagers, there are plus and minus points, coverage being the most important.

Not only does it have HM Coastguard on the front of them (just in case we forget who we belong to), but it has a facility as someone speaks on the radio you can listen! So pager and radio...something else to drive the family mad.

I'm not sure I like the chain either!

Thanks to Austen who has overseen the introduction of these new pagers and to ensure it works, 1) we are keeping the old pagers for a while and 2) I send a text message to the teams mobiles!

Bring back the maroons I say!

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