Sunday, 30 October 2016

Off the Beaten Track

Well, not strictly, but as with yesterday  the second of this weekend's patrols spent a lot of time off road and looking at different ways to access various locations.

Today, after a small tasking at Old Harry (where the DSO was put to good use taking photographs for a walking party), the team headed back to the Rempstone Forest area to check some routes there. After that it was up onto Nine Barrow Down and a look at the best routes to get up there depending on exactly where the incident is and where the vehicle is coming from when tasked.
Nine Barrow isn't a regular spot for call outs, but they do happen so it pays to be prepared. In recent years we have had at least two mountain bike incidents up there resulting in Coastguard and helicopter intervention.  It's a location that a regular ambulance just wouldn't reach.
This is at the Corfe End of Nine Barrow Down 

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