Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Helicopter and Coastguards tasked to second medical incident.

For the second day running, the Volunteer Coastguard Rescue  team   has been working with the Rescue Helicopter, this time supporting Police and South Western Ambulance with an elderly lady who had fallen in town and sustained a serious  head injury.

Some of the team assisted at the scene of the incident where the helicopter initially tried to drop its winchman. However, with a crowded half term beach, it was agreed that a safer course of action was to land at King George's Field and convey the winchman/paramedic to the scene in our own vehicle.

Meanwhile, another unit was tasked to Poole to prepare the landing site for the helicopter's arrival there. 
Thanks to the Chain Ferry staff who waited for us,  only for us to turn round at the ferry ramp when it was decided that the helo would fly to Dorchester A&E instead.

Finally all units returned to King George's to transfer the casualty from the ambulance to the helicopter and assisting the ambulance out of the rather muddy field - our thanks to the tractor driver for his help.

And last of all, once the muddy overalls were off, a quick photo and all stand down before returning for a debrief. 


Purbeckboy said...

We were watching from Hoburne Park and the helicopter went right down to the beach momentarily and shot back up in a cloud of sand. The winchman who was at the open door on the way day was not there on the way up. When the Helicopter landed in King Georges no one left it. I think the account is in error.

Swanage Coastguard said...

Thank you for your comment, the helicopter looked to see if it was safe to land but it wasn't, so reverted to the official landing site for Swanage which is King George's Field. On landing at the field the helicopter winchman was collected by the Deputy Station Officer and transported to the incident on Shore Road.