Thursday, 7 April 2016

Four dogs rescued at South Beach Studland

Boris safely in the arms of his owner after an hour stuck on the cliff face

The Swanage and St Albans Coastguard teams were tasked to South Beach this afternoon to four dogs that were stuck on the cliff.

Oddly the dogs had run UP the cliff on the very low tide, one had fallen, one got stuck and two safely made it back to the bottom of the cliff.

The team were joined by the Dorset Police RIB which provided water side cover along with the Neighbourhood Policing team who kindly used their special 4x4 vehicles to move kit and people about.

Whilst the Coastguard had tried to get the dog down , other team members from both rescue teams set up on top of the cliff to lower a technician down. This side of the incident was slowed down by having to cut through several bushes to reach the cliff edge.

The local National Trust wardens also assisted and finally the trapped dog was safely reached before the team above deployed the technician.

Once down the injured dog was taken by its owner to a local vets to be treated.

Normally we would ask owners to keep dogs on leads near cliff edges however as stated the dogs were on the beach and ran up a track. The owners called 999 instead of trying to rescue the dogs and putting themselves at risk.

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