Saturday, 9 April 2016

Coastguard team tasked to assist Police.

This evening the team were tasked to assist Dorset Police in a field near Westfield Farm , Swanage Road Studland.

An 80 year old male out walking with a family member collapsed in the field some distance from any road.

The local Neighbourhood Policing Team managed to use their 4x4 to get to the male in the field and started to care for him. Other officers were ferried to the scene as the tracks were unsuitable for normal vehicles.

The Police requested Coastguard assistance with their stretcher and a couple of Coastguard Rescue Officers.

The team arrived along with a Paramedic and with some excellent multi agency team work had the gentleman on the stretcher and across the rather steep field just as the ambulance arrived.

One final barbed wire fence , a pair of pliers , some long legs , some carefully placed blankets and the male was safely being treated in the Ambulance.

Our thanks to the owners of the farm for their assistance.

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Anonymous said...

You were all Amazing, a true team effort from everyone that attended.