Sunday, 20 March 2016

Rope Validation

It's a cold grey March Sunday morning......8.30am to be precise.

What else would two Volunteer Coastguard teams be doing on the top of St Albans head?

Yes the Swanage and St Albans teams were being put through their paces to show our SCOO we can carry out all aspects of our rope work.

Accompanied Descent ( that's two persons going over the cliff in non CG talk)

The Technician ( CG going over the cliff) being checked before descending

Not quite the kitchen sink , but a stretcher, first aid bag , casualty helmet, enough metal work to get you up and down the lines and 7 other Coastguards looking after you and the Technician is ready to rescue the casualty.

After 5 hours, Operators, Technicians and OIC's had all passed.

A great morning, thanks to all the team members , Allan our SCOO for giving up their weekend, the nice race organisers who kindly provided some of the team tea, 300 race competitors who were running past and NCI St Albans for the use of the facilities!

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