Monday, 15 February 2016

Landslip warning

If you saw this sign , what would you do?

Turn back and follow the instructions or ask the Coastguard patrol if its safe to carry on ?

Then despite the warning sign and words of advice from the Coastguard you choose to ignore and carry on in the hope you and your family don't get hurt.

Of course it's only advice until an accident occurs and then...........

This is a recent fall and the Country Park wardens asked if the area could be taped off until another survey could be carried out on Monday.

We taped the area off at the request of the wardens , it's there for a reason not to be ignored. Whilst the slip has occurred there may be further movement which could put you and others at risk.

Please take notice of signs, tape and barriers - it's there to protect you ,not to spoil your day.

We can confirm this is in the Zig Zag area of Durlston.

In an Coastal or Maritime Emergency - 999 Coastguard

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