Thursday, 24 December 2015

Team deployed on standby to ELF

The team have just been made aware that they are on standby to provide an ELF tonight for a rather important visit that may take place tonight.

ELF - Emergency Landing Facility is a secret landing site for Father Christmas - call sign " Santa One Zero Six"

The facility is similar to a HLS - Helicopter landing Site however it requires a slightly longer landing strip to allow the reindeer to stop and take off.

The ELF is a requirement under elf and safety rules for flying which requires all reindeer a 10 minute stop in every 6 hours flown.

Progress of the visit can be monitored however it's advisable that all children are asleep or the visit might not take place.

Due to our code of conduct we shall be unable to show pictures of tonight's ELF , however it's does look similar to this picture when " Santa one zero six " arrives.

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