Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Quiz

The team turned up for training last night to discover it was a quiz night.

The team were split Into two , Kerry's Karabiners and Rogers Ropes.

50 questions on all aspects of Coastguarding with some under hand texting to find the answers from a member of the team stuck on family duties.

So here are a few questions for you. answers in a couple of days. ( Sorry no prizes for being right)

1) When is the 1st record of a Coastguard station in Swanage.

A) 1842

2) What year was the " Wild Wave" incident on Peveril Ledge.

A) 1875

3) How many incident were there In

A) 1961 A) 9
B) 1990 A) 48
C) 2010 A) 165

4) Name 3 previous Station Officers / Auxiliary in Charges.

A) Dave Gough, Ian Surface , Bill Wilson

5) What are the boundaries of the Swanage team.

A) Middlebere Farm to Dancing Ledge

6) What is JESIP.

A) Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles

7) Who is the Honorary Commodore of HM Coastguard.

A) HRH Prince Of Wales

8) In the Beaufort scale - what wind description is for 34 to 40 knots.

A) Force 8

9) Name two types of Coastguard helicopter.

A) AW139 , S92 (not budgie or Harold team!)

10) Name the class of lifeboats in the Swanage Patch.

A) Mersey , D Class, Tyne , Atlantic ( Poole side)

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