Friday, 14 August 2015

Swanage LifeBoat Week

Our friends at the RNLI have been fundraising all week towards their new boat and boat house, and tonight there's a musical spectacular at Prince Albert Gardens with two local favourites, firstly Jim Etherington and then the Reptiles.  Naturally enough there'll be a bar and BBQ too, so you have no excuse.

The fun continues on Saturday with more activity on Prince Albert Gardens, including the Build-a-Boat competition. (Rules: get a piece of plywood and some nails, make it look like a boat, try to row it, sink, get laughed at) and later on, the Annual Raft Race (Rules: get some barrels and nails, make them look like a raft, try to row it, sink, get laughed at.)

Coastguard Nick's Build-A-Boat entry from 2013 - we tried to deny he was anything to do with us.

In the evening there'll be more music at the amphitheatre and more beer and burgers to be had too.

On Sunday, there's a fun run in the morning, lifeboaty-type stuff at Prince Albert Gardens through the day and then the Lifeboat Service on the Pier at 7pm - well worth a visit if you've never been.

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