Sunday, 9 August 2015

Its why we do patrols

Four patrols headed out this weekend to monitor the area and events.

Little did we know heading out last night to the Studland area that we would be out a quite a while.

Several checks of members of the public who had consumed a few drinks and decided to lay down in various locations.

A group spoken to in danger of getting cut off by the tide. Two boats full of people given words of advice regarding their behaviour on the water.

Then we decided to attempt the ferry road - it wasn't long before we go flagged down by a cyclist who had hit a parked car and had quite a head injury. The team started to treat him where he had managed to walk too with his broken bike when a coach driver advised us that another cyclist had hit the same parked car.

The team immediately split up and found quite a badly injured female in the hedgerow again with a nasty head injury.

Treatment was given until the arrival of the Police and the ambulance. Having treated the female it was back to the 1st cyclist and wait for another ambulance to arrive to treat him.

Finally at 2am the patrol carried out a final sweep of the Ferry Road before returning to station.

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