Sunday, 4 January 2015

Car Carrying Ship Aground in the Solent

The BBC Website is tonight running a report of a car transporter ship which has run aground on the Brambles Bank at the end of Southampton Water.  It reports the ship is listing at upto 45 degrees and that the Coastguard helicopter and RNLI colleagues are in attendance.

UPDATE: Sunday, 1025am.
By first light the ship could clearly be seen by onlookers on both sides of the Solent, and the local and national media were on scene and will continue to provide updates of the salvage and/or refloat operation.  Utlising a variety of declared assets, this was one of the biggest operations managed to date by our colleagues at the recently opened National Maritime Operations Centre, who confirmed that 25 persons had been removed from the vessel mainly through the use of Rescue 104 and local lifeboats.  A good team effort by all involved.

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