Thursday, 23 January 2014

Washed up

We have had several reports of this buoy being washed up at the north end of the bay.

Its believed to be oceanographic buoy and the owners have been contacted in Canada who confirm its safe and contains nothing dangerous.

Sadly it's missing its important record number which could tell the owners where its come from.

Mean while the team were called out today to another strange item washed up at the end of the bay. At this time it would appear to be a large lump of lard however enquiries are continuing. These lumps have washed up in several areas in the south west and have made dogs ill so please bear in mind if walking on the beach.

Whilst not in this country a beach walker in Germany picked up what he thought was a yellow looking stone and put it in his pocket. This stone was in fact a piece of phosphorus and whilst in the gentleman's pocket caught fire and burnt him badly.

If you find something unusual on the beach please do contact the Coastguard. With these winter storms we have had many things come ashore.

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