Saturday, 18 January 2014

Climber stuck at Anvil Point Swanage.

Just after 13.30, Portland Coastguard received a 999 call from the emergency phone at Anvil Point stating a climber was stuck at the base of the cliff.

Portland tasked the full Swanage Coastguard team, Rescue 106 from Portland and the St Albans Coastguard to support the possible rope operation.

On arrival at Anvil Point the Swanage team established the location and started to set up their equipment. Rescue 106 arrived and assessed the situation. With the Coastguard Rescue teams on standby the winch man was lowered and secured the climber.

Rescue 106 (The keen eyed will see this is Romeo Delta using the callsign, not Whiskey Bravo)

Having safely recovered the climber to the aircraft the Coastguard set up a landing site to allow the helicopter to land. The climber was dropped off and checked over by the team, before being taken to the Coastguard station to warm up.

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jhepso said...

I must thank all of the Coastguard teams that attended my recovery from the cliff face on Saturday 18th January. My sincerest appreciation to you for my safe and swift recovery. Your concern and care for my wellbeing not only while I was on the cliff face but also once I was back on firm ground was fantastic.

Thank you the crew of Rescue Helicopter 106 and thanks to all of the voluntary Cliff Rescue Team who under the guidance of their team leader Ian Brown, instantly responded to the call out, giving up their own person time and commitments to come to my aid.

From the humbled and much embarrassed climber on the day.