Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lady stuck in mud at Studland

A very unusual incident at Studland today.

A couple kayaking around the South side of Poole harbour became stuck in mud close to Jerry's point.

Portland Coastguard tasked the Swanage IRT, Rescue 104 and the Poole Team due to their specialist skills in mud rescues.

The Swanage team arrived first and confirmed the male had made it ashore however the female was stuck some distance from safety and rather distressed. The Rescue helicopter arrived and assessed the situation however the best plan was to wait for the Poole team to arrive and use their mud equipment.

The mud technicians deployed and brought the female to safety.

Thanks to the Poole team who now have a long job ahead to clean all their kit.

A busy day for the Coastguard all along the coast.

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Poole Coastguard said...

Thanks Swanage for the back up. And yes it took a long time to clean down..