Sunday, 2 June 2013

AED (Defibrilator) Arrives in Swanage

There is now an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in Swanage, It is to be used by the community in situations where a member of the public has collapsed and had no heart beat. The machine, when applied to the person's chest, will assess the heart activity and decide whether or not to electrically shock the heart in an effort to restart it. It will not deliver an electric shock unless required.

It is safely stored so that if it is needed, anyone can access it by calling 999 for the code to open the box. You can find it on the wall at the Masonic Lodge in Marshall Row, near the bottom end of Park Road. 

This Defib has been provided by the Dorset Masonic Care (DMC), the Freemasons of Dorset have raised the money to provide this defib along with one outside every lodge in Dorset. 

Our thanks to the Freemasons of Dorset for raising the funds to supply Swanage and all its visitors with this vital life saving device.

Photograph courtesy of Nikki Harman

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