Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Don't mention the Q word

There is a saying in the emergency services that you don't say the word "quiet" as this tends to suddenly return and bite you.

In 2011 we had 19 callous in April, yet so far this month we have had nothing! There is a clear link to the weather and current financial climate as you only have to look out from the sea front and see very little going on out on the water.

Despite the lack of incidents there is plenty going on in the back ground. The monitoring of the Landslip saw 3 off duty Coastguards at the weekend speak to individuals about climbing up onto the slip itself. We didn't want to spoil their fun however despite the warning signs if they get stuck or injured it will spoil our fun and see volunteers giving up their time to rescue them.

The team is working with Dorset County Council, Purbeck District Council, Swanage Town Council and the Environment Agency on ways to improve the safety of the beach and hopefully some improvements could be made if funding is obtained.

Our role in all this is to continue to monitor the movement, check signage and number the groynes so watch out for a Coastguard with a tin of paint!

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