Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Swanage Landslip - Update day 6

It was sad to find the barrier tape broken and people still ignoring the safety advice.
The main reason the 1st section is closed is due to large cracks appearing in the cliff face.
Major failure of the concrete wall in the last 24 hours next to our usual "Slip watch" concrete huts
Zoomed in on the corner of the concrete slab, this failed in the 5 minutes we were monitoring the slip.
Further slippage up towards Sheps Hollow (North End of the Bay) Sheps Hollow has now been closed by Dorset County Council - walking along the beach there can be a risk of being cut off by the tide.
The main area of concern/ slippage which should be avoided

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Christine Dennison said...

Why are people so stupid as to ignore warning signs!!!