Saturday, 24 April 2010

Rock Samphire

A perrenial member of the carrot family, it is distinctive and rather beautiful plant with succulent grey- green leaves and delicate white flower heads . Great with fish or steamed or boiled with butter.

Rock Samphire grows on the Dorset coast but doesn't like to get it's feet wet.

Shipwrecked off Beachy Head in 1821 four shipwrecked sailors clung to rocks in total darkness with the tide coming in fast. About to take the desperate step of trying to swim to shore before the rising tide overwhelmed them, a flash of lightning revealed a patch of Rock Samphire. They now knew that the sea would never cover the rock completely and that they would be safe until daybreak when they were rescued.

Source: River Cottage Handbook No.5 Edible Seashore: John Wright and Hugh Fearnly-Whatshisname.

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